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Meet Morris
This is Morris. He's the protagonist in a series of Dutch picture books. Morris is truly one-of-a-kind. But he's from a long line of extraordinary characters, all equally UNIQUE. Modest as he is, Morris wants nothing more than to share the limelight with them.

Meet Morris
Meet the Morrissons

Meet the Morrissons
The Morrissons are high quality NFTs. They stem from my own imagination and are not derivatives of any existing NFT project. Each member of the Morrisson tribe is UNIQUE and algorithmically generated from over 150 traits, drawn by myself with lots of love and care. 5.000 Morrissons are released on the POLYGON blockchain, including a few super rare 1-of-1s.

Mint NOW

The Morrissons are available for 9 MATIC per NFT on a separate minting page.

The referral reward is set to 5. This means that after minting you will see a referral link you can share with others. For every 5 mints via this link, you will receive 1 free mint automatically.



20 different





  • Finish artwork

  • Launch Website, Discord and Twitter


  • Referral reward set to 5

  • 2.5% of profits to literacy charity 

  • Plan, implement, assess, improve


  • Create 5.000 NFTs


  • half-price WL launch 30.10 

  • public launch 31.10

Meet the artist
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Meet the artist
I'm a lawyer-turned-(copy)writer-and-self-taught-illustrator from the Netherlands. Two of my picture books about Morris and his friend Mouse were published in 2020 and are available in book stores and libraries all over the Netherlands. I love to combine my writing and drawing skills to tell STORIES that excite.

When someone introduced me to NFT art, the first thing I thought was: cool! And then I thought: I can do that! Since then, I've been learning, testing and working very hard on my first NFT project: THE MORRISSONS

Since I'm a one-man-team and relatively new to the world of creating, promoting and selling NFT art, I might need a little more time than established NFT artists to do all these things. Please, have a little patience with me. It's going to be GREAT!

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